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Watch Out! Your Arizona Auto Insurance Can be Non-Renewed! For years, Arizona had one of the toughest non-renewal laws on the books compared to many other states. That has all changed as of August 6, 2016. In the past, insurance companies couldn’t non-renew or cancel your Arizona Auto Insurance policy except for very specific reasons. READ MORE >>

We Did It! Finally!!! Originally my goal was to have an independent insurance agency that was virtual. No central office for anyone working for me. We would all work from our homes. We successfully did this for 5 years with incredible growth. READ MORE >>

Everybody wants to save money on their Arizona Auto Insurance! I've never met anyone that wants to pay more for their insurance, but people do every day. This post is all about helping YOU, the insurance consumer, take the 5 Crucial Steps to Lower Your Arizona Auto Insurance Bill in the next Year and for years to come. READ MORE >>

Recently, my wife was involved in a small auto accident in a parking lot which prompted a phone call to me about what to do. Apparently, the other party was calling her husband to ask what to do as well. Hence the reason for this blog post. READ MORE >>

5 Compelling Reasons You Need a Local, Independent Insurance Agent When people choose to insure their autos and home with an online insurance company or 800-direct company they're giving up some HUGE benefits of working with a local, independent insurance agent. READ MORE >>

The first charity that we'll support and promote in 2015 is Chandler Christian Community Center, also known as, the Chandler Food Bank. I'm excited and pleased to announce this fine charity as our first of 2015 because I've volunteered there in the past and I know the Executive Director, Trinity Donovan, personally. READ MORE >>

Low Deductibles - I see too many insurance prospects with deductibles $500 or lower. This potentially encourages more claims which may prevent you from receiving the best prices when you shop for insurance. Raise your deductible and experience some savings today, but much more over the life of your insurance policy ownership. READ MORE >>

Every now and then I get asked if red cars cost more to insure than other colors. Recently, completed a survey of 2,000 adults and this question was asked. See the survey results here. 46% thought this myth was true. Fortunately for you, red cars are no more costly to insure than any other color. READ MORE >>

Wildfire season is upon us. We've already witnessed fires in the Oak Creek Canyon area (aka Slide Fire) and in Southern Arizona. Recently I posted a Facebook message that relayed some important information for homeowners in the near vicinity of wildfires and/or potential wildfires. READ MORE >>

Driving in the Phoenix metropolitan area is a risky endeavour. Especially on our freeways, where people drive to fast, they're distracted by any number of things. We eat in our cars, fiddle on our state of the art stereos, text on our phones, and easily get distracted by those in our cars. READ MORE >>

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